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Passion. It sounds tacky, and believe me I´m the least tacky person I know, I´m usually told I´m kind of cold. But I have to admit this project was born from that.

Luckily nowadays it is easier to find ( at least compared to several years ago) organic products of all sorts, food, lotions, cleaning products, clothing…and you may wonder then what are you doing here?

We don´t pretend to be your everyday organic store. I smile every time I see a new herbal store opening, or a new website selling organic baby clothing. They are not our competition, they´re allies and the more the better.

We are not experts, we don´t pretend to be gurus of this world, but we are women, mothers and consumers, and that´s what we base our product selection on. Brands that we believe are special, exclusive but always organic or recycled. We launch with some of our favorites, Elvis & Kresse, with their recycled products made of fire hoses, thanks to Kresse for her great patience. Wonderful lotions from PHB and nail polish from Priti NYC that Alicia from Attariat got for us, and all the support of Alejandra from Aden+ Anais and many more. The more brands go through Green Soho the better, hopefully it will make you more curious, and this world will seem a bit more accessible. That is the plan.

S. April 2015

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