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3 Neighbors. 3 moms. 3 Women. With the need to create a different project on their own which adds they´re little grain of sand to the future planet that our children will inherit.
Sheila is a mother of 3. For many years she worked for a multinational. Always worried about the environment and health, she comes up with the first ideas with which The Green Soho is born: recycling, organic materials, no more chemicals….

Colette is a mother of 2. She has a long experience as a businesswoman in the film industry. Her passion for the latest in fashion and design; and her need to consume ethically and sustainably, are the reasons why she boards The Green Soho.

Isabel is also a mother of 2. And a Businesswoman. With maternity her worries about the environment grew. That is the reason why she joined The Green Soho, which will give visibility to brands that work on the principles of organic and sustainable.